Sunday, June 18, 2006

I own rights to this soap opera...

Here's another episode of "The Bold and the Jeepney"

Last time on "The Bold and the Jeepney"

Our heroine was shown the contrasting personalities of two different couples. One, who was so in love with each other and showed the world how much they did.

With evident groping.

And the other, filled with tension so thick and I quote "you can cut the hatred with a butter knife and spread it on a bread"

[Insert cheesy theme music here]

After a hard day of work, she intended to get home and get enough rest so that she will have enough time to actually finalize her project which she needs to pass, [insert total dumb-girl-voice here] like, soon. Yeah.

Basically, the simplest form of it all is that, she was in a hurry to get home.

Walking for miles [an exaggeration] she finally saw her salvation, The Jeepney.

A man constantly shouting to people, "Arayat! Mexico! SM!" attracted her attention. Especially when he said the words "We're leaving soon."

Music to her ears, I tell you. It was like a symphony. Or an orchestra. Or heavy punk, rock and roll concert that would break the eardrums of a normal person.

So she hurriedly got on to The Jeepney. After sweetly passing ten pesos and recieving her change of a piso, she sat back, so happy that finally, she would be able to get home.

The first few minutes of waiting and hearing the same man shouting "Arayat! Mexico! SM! We're leaving soon!" again and again, she was still smiling.

Fifteen minutes later, her smile-mega-watt-ever goes down just a notch.

"Thought we were leaving soon?" she said quietly to herself.

By thirty minutes, ah forget it. She was complaining now.

The words "Arayat! Mexico! SM! We're leaving soon." no longer gave her joy. In fact it annoyed her to bits. She no longer saw the man as a bearer of great news, but annoying little man whose mouth should be washed out with soap for lying to tired girls whose only wish was to get home.

Fifty minutes later, the other passengers of The Jeepney also started complaining. Different reactions occured. Some walked out of The Jeepney, looking for other worthy-er jeepneys to ride.

She condsidered this option but decided against it as, well she already paid and it's never good to waste good money. Ever.

A more violent reaction came from one of the male passengers who complained loudly, and therefore got into an immediate fight with driver. A series of words were exchanged. Word that cannot be uttered ever again because it was filled with all kinds of profanities every other word, per-sentence.

Plus you wouldn't even understand it what they were saying.

A sample. [Censored of course]

"*Beep* you. *beep* *beep*-ing. What the *beep* *beep* *beep* do you *beep* your *beep*"

Complaints of heat immediately went out of her brain and fear entered her mind. She could see the hatred and the evil intention of death in both man's eyes.

The passenger decided to just walk out and get on another jeep.

The driver decided to actually move and get out of that place.

After an hour and fifteen minutes later, I got home.




Next on "The Bold and The Jeepney."

Our heroine gets lost and takes the wrong jeepney home. Don't miss the adventure.

[Insert cheesy theme music here]

Lotsa love, Jana

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