Saturday, July 08, 2006

An entry with nonsense...

I woke up with a start.

On my face, books were sprawled everywhere, open notebooks, still-held pen, lights still on from last night with the tv talking about some religious activity that would put anyone right back to sleep if paid close attention to.

When I realized I was awake, I also realized that I had this very painful neck pain on my... um... neck. But among those important revelations, another most important grabbed my attention. It was late and I still had a whole bum-load of laundry to do.

Ah, laundry.

The wonders of water, soap, water, clothes, water, the chance being splashed with water, almost sitting right on the floor, more water, bubbles, water...

And did I mention water?

Yes, water.

It struck me that though I love playing with water, I don't like (understatement... real statement... despise) washing my clothes. Not because I don't like them clean and nice and soft and sweet smelling. Nooo.

I actually love the smell of recently washed and dried clothes. They smell so nice and good.

Sure I figured clothes had to go through some process that involves water, soap and bubbles. I even thought it would be fun to do that sometime.

But somehow at the back of my mind I always believed that clothes are taken away from the dirty-clothes-bin by cute little fairies. Taking all of them to their beautiful laundry land and takes away the smelly smell of sweat and dirt magically comes off with the magical sweep of their magical wands filled with... guess what... magic.

But noooo.

After three days waiting for them to show up, I was immensely disappointed.

So I decided to bring them all back, all sweaty and smelly, back to my home and have someone wash them for me.

I carried two big bags with me home. The big one was filled with my dirty clothes and the small one contained all my important things.

As I walked I prayed that if anyone would ever steal or snatch my bag as I walked, that they would grab the big bag.

They'd get a suprise.

A big smelly suprise.

Lotsa love, Jana

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