Saturday, July 15, 2006

Our president is stronger than your president...

"No school!"

The cry rang out from every corner of the country. Each student of every school, pre-school, gradeschool, highschool and college, all scream with joy. Glad that they don't have to go out and face the harsh wind and rain.

In an obscure little college somewhere in Manila, students in the dorms are rudely awaken by the get-up-now-it's-time-for-you-all-to-get-ready-for-classes-you-lazy-bums-you-bell.

Yes, the college apparently did not care if there was hard rain or harsh blowing winds all over the Philippines. They probably didn't care that the President of the Philippines herself announced that there would be no classes due to the storm enveloping the whole country.


Apparently unless our school president announces we have no class, then nothing... not even the country's president is going to stop our class.

No heat, nor rain nor snow is going to stop us from getting to our classes. No flying trees, split walls and broken cars [exagerating of course... but can I really be sure?] is going to stop our classes from continuing.

Why bother carrying umbrellas? The rain was falling so hard, we'd still get soaking wet anyway.

Lotsa love, Jana

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