Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gotta run and lose em weights...

What a day I have been having so far.

Running here and there like a rabid dog searching for his own personal territory from where he can "mark" his spot.

First from the very first hour of the day, I figured since the classes for this day started later than usual, I might as well sleep in for just a tad amount of thirty minutes past my normal waking hour.

My tad amount became thirty minutes plus an hour.

Needless to say, I was very late for a class that I have been tardy in for already a few times. One more tardy and I might have problems with my professor.

Professor gives off a male tone to it, so, let's just say... Professor-ess as she is a married lady with child. Who is as strict as... um... being strict can be when it comes to attendance and stuff.

Anyway, here I was, skipping my usual lovely breakfast of hotdog and fried rice, running from the dorm to the class, my usual ten minute walk done at 4 minutes and 34.99 seconds.

Only to find out to that there was no class that day.

I didn't know whether to be incredibly relieved because I didn't get to be late...

Or incredibly annoyed because I forgoed breakfast, ran when I could have freaking walked and I had to wait more or less fifteen minutes in class before someone told me of the lack of said class.


I'm leaning towards annoyance.

More running here and there came from me-almost-losing-two-very-important-thick-books-from-the-library-that-will-cost-so-much-if-I-really-did-lose-it-and-I'm-going-to-be-so-very-poor-from-the-lost-of-so-much-money.

I searched for it everywhere. Looked here and there. Ran from one building to another. Going to all the places that I visited over and over.

I even had to go back to that creepy old labratory with the scary dead things that no one is ever going to throw out. Including human fetuses.

Scary creepy place.


Turns out that my "Mother" [Room leaders are called "Mothers" and my "Mother" is special because she is the Head Monitor of the ladies' wing of the dorm. It's like we have the power!] Came across it and decided to put it back on my bed in the dorm.

The only place where I didn't look because I figured, it couldn't possibly be there.

All that running around for nothing.

Ah well, at least I lost a couple of extra weight from the running and missed meals.

Lotsa love, Jana

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