Monday, August 14, 2006

Jeans and baseball caps...

Classes in less than 15 minutes and I'm still sitting in front of the computer thinking of some

I've been girl-ly-fied.

I'm wearing a skirt, a tight shirt, dangling earrings, strappy sandals and a necklace. This morning my roommates ambushed me and made me wear something that I would not usually wear.

My hair is made up and my bag is only filled with essentials. No extra notebook or book just in-case.

For the love jeans and baseball caps.

Somebody save me from the fashion-izing hands of my roommates.

It's bad enough that I have to wear a skirt every Monday.

Somebody save me.

Lotsa love, Jana


I apologize for the lack of good thoughts and funny entertaining blogs.

It's not because nothing interesting has been happening but it's because I have a lack of time to blog about it.

Like the topic up there, I should have described the whole incident like so,

They stared at me with their eyes, narrowed and intense. They lifted their hands and grabbed into my wardrobe and took out the most horrible piece of clothing.

It was pink.

For the love of jeans and baseball caps.

See... that would have been more interesting.

And now I have class.

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