Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Multi-tasking does not need brains...

I can so totally multi-task.

Watching a Korean movie with subtitles and typing something for the benefits of my readers. It's an ability that I'm quite proud of.

The ability to switch off my brain type complete non-sense while watching a show that would probably just lower my IQ even more.

On to the topic at hand.

Somebody stole my pendrive.

It happened two days go. They took it from the table where I left my stuff in the library. I mean I figured that nobody is going to take it since this is the library and there are many students hanging around. Plus, I only left my coin purse for only a short while.

Then when I came back, I completely forgot all about it. And I didn't notice that my pouch was not on the table. Two hours of library time later, I leave and head back to the dorm. Purse-less and soon to be pen-drive-less as well.

But I found that out much later.

When my purse arrived back at the dorm, found in the photocopy shop. I didn't think that anything would have been stolen...

I don't know, maybe it was because I was too trusting.

Or, most likely, I was too tired to give a care.

The next day, I realized, that my pen-drive. My pretty green-pen-drive-that-lights-up-whenever-in-use-and-was-given-to-me-as-going-away-present-that-cost-B$50-which-is-a-thousand-plus-worth-of-pesos is completely and truly and forever gone.

For the love of all that is natural. How can anybody be so evil?

To separate a girl and her electronic device. The very idea is brings sickening wave to my stomach. I hope that that person gets what he deserves.

Like the rabid twisted bunny on that tv show, let a piano fall on top of his head as he walks from place o place.

When he eats I pray his saliva goes down his windpipe and he chokes on his own saliva.

Upon his dying bed, I hope he remembers the pain he had caused a girl once upon a time when he separated that very girl from her beloved pen-drive.

If however it was a girl, then replace all the male pronouns with female type. Same if it was some sort of animal, like a cat or a rabid bunny.

"It" would then be used.

Lotsa love, Jana

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