Friday, August 11, 2006

Siya hamba, siya hamba, bow wow wow...

Cheer day today.

Per batch (BBC years, freshman, sophomore, junior and seniors) have to come with a unique cheer of their own and therefore promote the upcoming sports-like-fest.

Our batch name is Aletheia.

Cool name. I wish I came up with it. I however, came up with, Enoch.

You know, the guy who walked with God and just disappeared because God took him away.

I figured since the theme of our school for this year was Walk in the Truth, I thought maybe the Enoch walking with God (the ultimate honest guy) somehow would represent that right?

Well, my idea got shot down.

They chose Aletheia because it was cooler and sounded prettier.

Simple meaning of truth.

Ah well.

So back to my story.

Today is our cheering thing for each batch and we as a batch came up with our own cheer. I can't really type out the whole cheer because it would take too much of my time and plus... it'll be more funny if I just type certain words and description of the cheer so that you readers over there would work your imagination.

Let's say our cheer involves the following words.

Siya hamba
Siya hamba
baw wow wow

Siya hamba
Siya hamba
cha chow chow

It also involves someone pretending to be Majin Buu and flying around [in this case flying refers to walking-really-fast-to-give-the-impression-that-he-was-flying-but-actually-everybody-knows-that-he-is-walking-and-plus-being-that-big-he-cannot-possibly-fly.]

We intend to win.

Do you know in this school, the BBC-ers have never won in a cheer. Not once. They have always lost when it comes to cheering.

But we intend to change that.

We want the Aletheia to win!

[If you want to support the Aletheia BBC batch of 2006-07 just send us support in the form of money or gifts. If you send us money, great! If you send us gifts, make sure you tell us where you got it and also give us the receipt... for you know records and acknowledgement and stuff...

Remember we love letters and flowers, but we need cash.]


I hope we win.

I want our batch to be special from all the other BBC batches before us.

Aims of this BBC-ers of 2006-07
1. Everybody graduates.

Every year someone from the BBC leaves after a while due to different reasons. Hard exams, expelled for doing something really weird or whatever.

So we aim to be the first to graduate as a whole.

2. Win the cheer.

No batch have ever won as a BBC when it comes to cheering. Somehow it maybe due to the fact that we don't know much of what is happening and therefore we don't plan it out well.

But we intend to change that. We will win.

[I hope.]

Lotsa love, Jana

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