Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You liar!...

So I had my last mid-term exam today.

Suprisingly that exam took me by suprise. The oh-my-gosh-that-test-just-jumped-out-of-the-bush-and-totally-screamed-and-assaulted-me-and-left-me-groping-on-the-ground-broken-and-scared-kind-of-suprsise.

Of course, for those people who literally imagined a piece of exam paper, jumping and screaming in an attempt to leave helpless on the floor, I only have two words to say to you.

"Cold shower"

Oops. Wrong two words. I was thinking of a vampire movie that I watched recently.
What I meant was,

"Slow down."

Or maybe even.

"Stop thinking"

Or how about,

"Please I was just describing what I felt and to take that sentence seriously makes you so ignorant of exam papers. Exam papers don't assault you, they just leave you braindead for a couple of days until a couple of days till it's over."

Except, that took more than two words.

Anyway, as I have obviously slipped way far away from the main topic that I was talking about, I have to force myself to come back to the topic from which I began this rant of complete randomness.

Last mid-term exam.

Caught by suprise.

Felt helpless similar to the feeling of being robbed and left broken on the floor.

"Similar" means like and not literal.

[Readers: We're not stupid.]

That's what the computer exam felt like.

Ha! See the irony of this situtation?

To get rid of the feeling of anger and annoyance and helpless-ness due to a computer exam, I turn to the refuge that is the computer.

The subject of the exam in the first place.

Life is unfair.

Ah, but God is good.

Now let's talk about a completely different topic.

"Everything I tell you is a lie."

A sentence that was once used by Mister Spock in Star Trek (Episode name: "I, Mudd") to completely overload the circuits on some androids.

Ask any Star Trek enthusiast.

That's what happened.

It's confusing isn't it.

"Everything I tell you is a lie" is a statement and is therefore a lie and therefore since it is a lie, everything I actually tell you is a the truth, and therfore that statement "Everything I tell you is a lie" is a truth... and therefore a lie and since it is a lie, everything I tell you is a truth and therefore that statement is a truth...

And do you see how this can completely confuse any normal thinking person?

It's a wicked and twisted cycle.

A sentence like that is called a self-refuting sentence or the Liar's Paradox


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