Monday, September 11, 2006

Because I refuse to drag people down...

Because refuse to take down or alter that depressing entry about my Grandmother that I love with all my heart but still want to amuse people.

Hence this is the result.

A pathetic attempt of making people laugh and my brain depending on the crap stored somewhere in depth the-thing-that-you-can-call-my-skull.

I typed my name in the search engine in blogger, to find there that someone dreams of me!


Someone dreams of me. Ok, so it's not me per se, but hey it's my name.

That Jana has got to be this cool person. Jana is a cool name! Therefore she has to be cool too! Maybe she even likes to blog and to read books.

Who knows?!

Unfortunately, upon further inspection I realized something so bad. it's a different teenager with my name... and she's taking her freaking clothes off!

I used to be so proud of my name.

Now I want to freaking cry.

Bloody teen and her let's-take-off-our-clothes-ladies-so-that-yucky-lustful-men-can-see-us-and-totally-let-them-lust-after-us-therefore-having-most-normal-people-lose-their-respect-with-us.

How I badly wish my name was different.

Something... that no porn-wannabe has ever taken.

Any suggestions?

Lotsa love, Jana



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