Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Freakish-freak with no feelings...

Last night, my roommates and myself stayed up at the un-FEBIAS hour of 1:00 am.

Explanation of former sentence: Lights out at FEBIAS dorm is 10-freaking-pm-which-is-so-freaking-early-I-eat-dinner-at-ten-you-freaking-freakoes!

Why? Two words and with the help of a friendly dictionary that I-made-up-from-a-whim-because-I-tried-searching-for-the-proper-definition-online-and-around-but-found-none-so-I-decided-to-come-up-with-my-own-definition-and-an-attempt-at-making-a-funny-and-probably-failing-completely-comes-into-my-head-and-hence-the-result-is-a-lame-dictionary.

The Philip of Pines Dictionary, page 435.35

Open Forum - The art of revealing, with no secrets and nothing hidden about what one thinks about the other. First the bad characteristics and then the good parts. Not advisable for those with a sensitive heart and can lead to cancer if used too much.

So there we where, sitting on the floor.

And we're telling each other our hurts and likes about each other.

And I'm sitting there making paper stars.

Yes. During a time when my roommates were telling me showing their hearts to each other. Tears were falling. Hidden anger, pain, sadness, joy and all kinds of emotion were overflowing all around us.

And I was making paper stars.

I care.

I just don't like making shows of emotion.

In fairness, they had no problems with me.

So they had problem with how messy and how un-hygienic I was. But I am not going to take a bath more than twice a day because it is tiring and I'm too lazy and it's a total waste of water!

Ok, besides my lack of taking-a-bath-ness-more-than-once-a-day-which-shouldn't-really-be-a-problem-you-know-yeesh, they had no general problems with my character.

And I had none with them.

Hence, I didn't really get to connect much.

No tears. No pain.

Just paper stars.

Lotsa love, Jana

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