Monday, September 04, 2006

I laugh at myself...

It amazes me.

There are just so many of them. So many different bloggers out there. Typing about different topics. Ranging from their personal lives to jokes they've heard to pictures-of small-things-made-big-because-the-guy-is-probably-really-bored-and-has-nothing-better-to-do to less than innocent pictures that I will no longer expand upon.

Let's just say the reaction I got after accidentally stumbling upon them was Oh-my-freaking-gosh-how-can-anyone-ever-be-so-open-kids-use-the-freaking-internet-too-you-know-that-is-so-totally-disgusting-somebody-save-my-innocence-of-the-eye-close-the-darn-window-I-tell-you after which follows grabbing-the-mouse-clicking-several-times-to-get-away-and-looks-around-everywhere-hoping-that-nobody-else-saw-that-and-thought-that-I-was-some-kind-of-perv-I'm-not-the-perv-it-was-an-accident-I-tell-you!!!!!!

Anyway, the sheer number of them suprises me.

I wish I started my blog way earlier than others. Because it now feels like I'm just one of the wanna-be's out there. Somehow I don't feel as unique when I go around and read other people's blog. What makes me unique?

Well... so far I'm the only one who connects-words-like-this-and-if-you've-all-noticed-I'm-doing-it-a-lot-because-it-might-be-the-only-unique-thing-about-this-blog-and-I'm-going-to-take-full-advantage-of-it-darn-it!

I also try not to swear as most bloggers. I don't really find it funny when some people use swear words to express a point. I have had a habit long before of swearing, but I decided it is very unbecoming for a growing lady to swear.


I just don't like swearing anymore.

Freaking and darn are the closest things you're going to get to me swearing.

My blog-layout can be considered quite unique as well. Though, I did rip off most of coding from a Blogskins, I changed the pictures and the background several times until, I believe it can be considered my own.

To the girl I ripped it from.

I'm so sorry! I would give you credit somewhere on my blog... but I have unfortunately forgotten your name.

Don't sue me.


I make a pitiful attempt to make people laugh? Nah. Not unique enough. Lots of people make other people laugh. I'm not that good as some, but... hey, I make myself laugh?

That has to be something.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger steph said...

you make me laughhhh!!!

9:45 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Thank you. It's people like you that makes me want to continue type in my blog.

Makes me want to make a fool of myself so much more.

Lotsa love, Jana

12:38 PM 

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