Tuesday, September 12, 2006

See how I worked my complaints in...

Because I've got nothing else better to do and rather than complain how my name is being seriously abused and trashed all over the internet, I'm going to be like most wanna-be bloggers and have my own version of...


Yes, Frequently Asked Questions but since hardly anyone ever asks me anything anyway... this Frequently Asked Questions is instead going to be called...

Non-existent Frequently Asked Questions But If You Want To Ask Anything You Might As Well Check These Out Because It Would Save You Time In Asking Me, Though I Doubt These Would Be Helpful Because I'm Currently Tired And As Usual My Brain Is Dead Therefore Most Likely All The Questions Coming In Here Are Full Of Nonsense And Should Be Ignored

Or for short...




On to the Questions!

1. Where is Jana?
Taken from the title "Yes you've reached Jana" I figured, maybe people might be asking, what in the world is Jana?

Jana is my name. I own this blog. I type in this blog and therefore the meaning of the title is simple. You have reached me but I decided to use the third person.

Though if someone wants to name a country or a place after me, by all means, go ahead!

Jana is not, I repeat for emphasis and adding a bolding effect on it, Jana is not a bloody blonde who takes off her freaking clothes!

At least not this one. Plus I have brown hair.

2. Why janajee.blogspot.com? Why not yesyouvereachedjana.blogspot.com?
Because because that would be a dumb and long web-name-address-whatever. How would you feel when you want to show off to other people about your website and they ask you what's your URL and you have to give them a darn long name?

"So what's your website?"

"Um... readmythoughtscauseicanbefunnyreallyiambeinghonest.blogspot.com?"

"Um... ok. Thanks."

Believe they are not going to visit your website ever. Not because they hate you or whatever, it's just your web-name-address-whatever is just too darn long and they can't remember it.

I'm not saying that my janajee.blogspot.com is cool, all I'm saying it's short enough and easy to tell people than, comeandreadthisblogpleasecomeoniwillpayyouifyoudo.blogspot.com don't you think?

3. So why janajee?
Because it was a high-school nickname. It was one of those times when we were making up nicknames for everyone. Jam was Jamjee, Nad was Nadidee, Waj was Wajowee and somehow mine stuck and I really love that nickname.

Plus, it's mine and mine alone!

Check Blogger search.

I don't seen anyone else talking about Janajee being someone-else-who-ruined-my-original-name-by-strippin-in-front-of-a-camera-and-that-is-so-not-art-you-freaking-weirdoes.

Janajee, is mine and mine alone!

4. Who is the Guy?
The Guy is someone who I love. He alone is the only person who I don't refer to his first name. Unless you count Lady in Pink, my music instructor, but she doesn't count because I have already used my her name.

I think.

If not it's Ma'am Eunice! Haha.

The Guy is someone that I have a mutual understanding with. If you're a filipino, I know you know that I know you get that.

5. Does that mean you're single?
Not exactly.

More of not looking for anyone at the moment. Plus, believe me, if you see my face, you wouldn't be searching for me either.

I bet you'd be like running the other way.


6. Why did you start blogging?
Because I was bored and had nothing better to do. Until finally I decided that it's time to actually give my brainless brain a voice somewhere out there and hence the presence of a blog is a result of all of this.

That's the reason why blog is usually incoherent and un-understandable.

Blame the lack of brain matter.

7. Where is the Philip of Pines?
I did not coin that sentence. I have robbed it and used as frequently as if it were my own. But it actually belongs to Jam Acosta. My bestfriend.

But she hardly ever uses it anyway so I might as well take full advantage of a good phrase not being used.


And for those who do not read my blog, Philip of Pines is the Philippines... get it? Philip-pines? Philip of Pines?

8. Do you have to go now?
Why yes. How very considerate of you to ask that.

Actually... since the questions do come from my own brain matter and there is something screaming there that refuses to peacfully occupy the backseat anymore... I think it's saying,

You have class you moron!

So that's why I have to go.

Lotsa love, Jana



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