Saturday, September 02, 2006

Uglies and vegetables. Ugly vegetables...

Two kids stared at me while riding the jeep.

I mean I know I lack in the pretty area and I have mutated beyond human recognition, but do they have to stare like that? I swear, that kid was pointing and the other was about to cry.

Guess I am that hideous.


I hope those kids get nightmares of the lady on the jeep. Hope that they cry and wet their beds at night, crying to Mommy and Daddy about the freaky mutant they rode once upon a time with.

That would satisfy my revengeful spirit.

[Try doing saying Mommy and Daddy with a British accent. Sounds totally cool.]

On a different note, I was going through random blogs and came across Anti-Vegetarian blogger and even though it's only two entries and he rarely updates or most likely never ever going to update ever again.


It's pretty funny.

I've always wanted to be a vegetarian. I don't mind veggies and actually love quite a lot of them. Also being an animal lover and such. I didn't like animals suffering or anything. I mean, I have pity over trapped mice that dies in my room.

Yes, I am an animal lover.

Unfortunately, I am also a food lover. And if I have to give up fried meet and delicious seafood, I will die, I repeat for emphasis-as-if-bolding-it-was-not-enough, I will die.

I can't help it.

So instead of facing the hard truth that animals get killed horribly because of my lust for meat and become a vegetarian and give up good food, I'd rather not think about it and pretend that those chickens I eat, are not really animals... but just globules of miraculous food that fairies from the kitchen come up with.

It works.

Lotsa love, Jana



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