Friday, October 06, 2006

Man on the floor...

Yesterday I sounded like a man.

My voice was so hoarse that, I kid you not, the head monitor in the ladies building were rallying to shout "Man on the floor" at each word that comes forth from my mouth.

Due to all the times I decided to run head-first into the rain and coupled with all the nights I asked to have the electric fan full blast right into my face while everybody else was freezing their body parts right off, all of this with just a pinch of salt (don't bother asking, I just thought it would look cool) resulted in the coughing-fit-worthy-of-a-Guinness-World-Record-for-the-number-consecutive-coughs-per-minute.

Not only do I sound like a man and cough like a maniacal dog that refuses to stop barking on and on so much that neighbors have only one hope that it chokes on its own freaking saliva, I also am suffering from the worst head ache that has ever come upon the deadening grey matter that is called and known as my own brain.

And yet, I still function as a normal human being with the ability to type and speak and eat and drink and even remove excess bodily waste from my body without the need of a fully functional brain.

Though there is nothing new with that, considering my whole body mass was made to function in that specific manner.

On top of that, the pressure of the upcoming finals is not helping in the least.

I want to shout incoherent words because normal words fail to express what I am truly feeling deep inside the black hole that is my very being.

Bold means shouting to the top of my lungs on a very high hill... very very very loudly.

Oh for the love of pink foo-foo-dolls and all other small and tiny objects, I need not to pee but to separate myself from myself and therefore have a flying bat all over the place and with the power of the sceptre turn it into a big and beautiful butterfly the size of a peanut yet powereful enough to carry me away.

My brain's real voice put into words.

Lotsa love, Jana

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