Saturday, October 07, 2006

One-hundreth-ninety-nine entry...

Because, Boredom decided to once again pay a visit, totally disregarding my objections on how I have much better things to do than Be Bored and completely violating my personal space, raiding my fridge and sleeping on my bed.

The lazy bum.

So therefore to pass the time, I decided to Google-ed my name...

And also Blogger-ed it as well...

Probably the pictures is too small and you can't see the words but...

I'm in page-freaking-five of Google!

And in page-oh-my-gosh-one of Blogger!

Usually whenever I type my name in any search engine, I get references to name-ruiners-by-taking-off-their-clothes-off-ers or when it refers to me it usually around in the page 40-th-several-pluses-cause-I'm-only-guessing-I-usually-get-lazy-right-after-the-page-24.


I'm on page five!

And one!

So very cool.

Lotsa love, Jana

P.S. The real essence of this entry is so that I can talk about how I reached 200 posts and I can't do that at my 199th, can I?



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