Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rooted to the floor...


I turn and look at an ex-classmate who now is of a different section.

"Yes?" I say.

He says nothing but bends down and reaches for my shoe.

What in the--? I would have booted my nice pretty shoes in his face, if I wasn't too shocked at this bold move.

I mean, total invasion of privacy here.

"What the heck are you doing?"

"Checking for roots."

I thought my brain was playing tricks on me, or this guy was totally off his bonkers. I stared at him and if he didn't give a better explanation soon, I would boot my nice pretty shoes in his face.

I stared.

He smiled.

"Considering the fact that you've been sitting there for eight hours straight, I figured, you might have grown roots on that spot."


Oh haha.

You think that that's funny.

It's not.

You've got a small nose!


Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger jana said...

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6:51 PM 
Blogger juice said...

hey gal. dont worry about it alright. when we dont fit in to some place... we fit in perfectly in His arms. =)

11:49 AM 

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