Friday, November 17, 2006

The unbecomingly me...


I'm not acting like myself today.

I woke up extremely late (that's not the new part cause I always wake up late) but instead of panicking-rushing-darn-it-I'm-late-running-here-there-everywhere-Oh-my-fecking-gosh-this-is-not-fecking-good-near-tripping-beating-the-clock-and-arriving-in-class-a-second-before-the-darn-bell-rang-just-in-time-panting-eww, I was being very relaxed. I calmly stood up, walked over to the CR (because real Filipinos call toilets that way), washed my face.

I was late and tardy and missed a daily quiz for Song Leading.

Then, then, I decided that I was hungry and therefore I left the Academic Building to eat breakfast. Even though I had class right after Song Leading.

I heard the bell ring, and I smiled, and continued eating anyway.

I think it hit me when one of my upper-classmen friends said,

"Jana, this is so unbecoming of you."

And I realized, oh-my-fecking-gosh-what-the-feck-am-I-doing-I-am-fecking-late. After that realization, I stood up and left my upper-classmen friend. Hurried over to the already starting class, sat down...

And then my phone rang.

Really loud.

Staring was involved.

Blushing? Definitely.

Lotsa love, Jana


Don't worry about the missed quiz. I get to make up because my teacher likes me that way. Though this the last time I'm going to this.

I don't like raping people's trust.


I meant abusing.

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