Sunday, December 17, 2006

All in a day's life...

I spent most of the day out yesterday.

Had to fix everything. Doing this and that for the upcoming event.

Ok, you know what forget the fecking secrecy.

I'm going home!! On Tuesday!! But I'm leaving on tomorrow!! Cause I'm spending one night in Malaysia!! But who cares!! I'm going home!!

But anyway, yesterday-spent-whole-day-outside-entry is not about the fact that I'm-going-home-can't-you-see-how-excited-I-am-cause-darn-it-I'm-so-excited!!!-and-you-should-be-getting-the-fact-because-duh-I'm-bolding-this-whole-section-just-to-catch-you're-attention-due-to-the-fact-that-I'm-so-excited-to-get-home!!!-!!!!!!!!

No, no matter how much that it may seem so, this entry is not about that.

Every now then, the whole day, I was attacked and ambushed by idea after idea about something to blog about. Then I started getting frustrated because I didn't know which one to type about...

And then I realized,

Well hey why not create the long awaited The Mini Blog Entries! (Yes-with-an-exclamation-mark!) Part II


Guy in accident! Girl stared helpless!...

I was on my way back home from the dorm.

It was really early and I was so tired because of the Christmas banquet that happened last night, where may I just vainly sneak in that everyone totally complimented my get up, which was may I just so vainly continue really pretty and looked good on me.


There I was just sitting down in one place, trying to force myself to open my eyes when bam! there was this loud crash-like-thingie (amidst many general swear words of course. You can never get rid of that in the Philippine culture here) and I see this tricycle ramming and causing someone to fall of his motorcycle.

I heard the driver said that if the guy wasn't wearing that helmet he would have had brains spilling all over the place, blood freaking everywhere.

Then my mind was filled with,

Brains spilling all over the place and blood freaking everywhere.

Anyway, I stared at the now pretty far off tricycle and I got so deeply disappointed. He drove faster and he didn't even look back.

It's depressing how humanity continues to sink lower and lower. Human life no longer have an importance anymore.

Heck, if it helps you out do it. If it destroys you don't even bother thinking about it. Therefore if it helps you to rob a bank, do it. If it destroys you to help the guy who you bumped and could have almost killed, forget it and leave him on the ground convulsing and dying.

Step on someone, hurt someone, put people in a box. Everyday, people hurt one another to make themselves feel good and it's fecking annoying. Everyone claims that it's their right to do whatever the feck they want to do, even if it hurts other people.

It's vomit-lie-on-your-back-cry-my-eyes-out-pull-my-hairs-inducing.

The SM Mall black hole...

After getting home and dumping my stuff all over the place, I had to go out again.

I needed to travel to SM Mall because they had an ATM machine there and I feel more comfortable withdrawing money from there because I'm scared that if I go to the bank and withdraw my money over there, some guy or some freakishly strong girl will ambush me and steal all my money.

But at SM, I have the hope that if I scream bloody murder there, someone from the crowd might help me.

As soon as I arrived, I realized that I was a tad too early, as the entrance doors haven't opened yet.

Though it hasn't opened yet, there were this great big crowd right outside.

All ready to line up and push each other to go into the mall. I thought,

"I'm not gonna be like them, I'm gonna patiently wait till it's my turn to get in and there will be no pushing and pulling and darn it, no one is going to step on my foot!"

After a few minutes, and the entrance still isn't opened, but darn the crowd continues on increasing. I thought,

"Ah so what, I can wait till they're all in there so that I won't have to worry, but I don't think it would be so bad if I take one step toward the doors right?"

The next thing I know, I'm right in the middle of the crowd and waiting eagerly for the doors to open and when they do,

Well, how would you feel if you're stuck besides people, who may I just surprisingly point out have already started smell strongly of sweat, for more than 30 minutes.

Forget not pushing and running and stepping on other people's toes. The adrenaline was pumped into my blood and I rushed, pushed and stepped.

And when I got it in I gave a triumphant look at those left behind and walked off.

I know it's weird, but darn that felt good.

Growling and like lots of it...

After malling, it was time for me to head back to the dorm again.

Because I had to meet someone and therefore had to travel back again to Caloocan. But hey it's alright, cause I wasn't carrying much and personally I like traveling.

The only thing I completely despise about traveling is those times when I have to carry large bags everywhere I go. Drives me nuts and is also quite tiring.

That, and the fact that I'm still paranoid of getting ambushed and dying a painful death on the street while people just step over my convulsing body because it's not really going to help them that much to help me.

Anyway, I was sitting on my seat minding my own business, when a middle-aged took the empty seat next to mine.

I thought of all the evil stories that my friends told me about some guy in the bus sitting next to you and molesting, robbing and/or killing you.

I hugged my backpack a little closer, swearing that if he takes one small move toward me, I'm gonna hit him in his sensitive areas. I've got a charger (those pointy-thingies-you-put-in-the-socket-things can hurt) and I'm not afraid to use it.

To my utmost relief, after paying for the bus ticket (holding way way waaay away from him and my pointy-charger-things in his direction) he promptly fell asleep.

So the object of my fear obviously unconscious, I decided to listen to some music.

In the middle of the song "How You Remind Me" by Nickleback, I hear the most horrible growling noise of my life. So loud it went past my earphones and into... well my ear.

I tear my earphones off and look around.


As I am about to put them back on, I hear it again!

This time so much louder.

As if it was next to me.

As it turns, the growling thing turned out to be the very unconscious object of my earlier fear.

At first it made me smile. I mean big bellied guy not so scary anymore you know! After a few minutes, I started giggling.

But honestly, a person can only take so much.

After way more than a few minutes, I started imagining a bug would fall into his mouth, or something.

His phone rang, loud and woke him up, thank goodness and stayed up for the rest of the bus rides. Which I am quite thankful for.

If that hadn't happened, I would have been forced to drop my crumpled ticket into his mouth.

And pretend it fell from the sky.

And a final good-bye note...

If I became the ruler of the world...

... I will forever ban and demolish stairs and replace them with elevators and/or escalators.

Lotsa love, Jana



Anonymous Kiz said...

Hey found your site randomly and I thought it was funny cause I'm also a Christian..I like your last entry! Anger is always a good motivated to write something good :)...You have a nice, fun style of writing =)

11:54 AM 
Blogger jana said...

haha, thanks. i try my best. even though it's more of just the crap that fills my mind and stuff... haha

3:59 PM 

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