Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cursed by this curse...

Wind in my hair, sun in my face.

I was sitting at the back of a tricycle, amidst holding on for dear life and trying not fall off the tiny seat, I was also getting excited at the prospect of going back home to Brunei.

I was so reminiscing.

This being my first year in college, I keep finding it so hard to believe I'm in college in the first place.

You know that feeling?

You're doing some big-important-college-related-thingie-that-you-would-never-ever-even-dream-of-doing-while-you-were-in-highschool-and-darn-it-you-never-would-have-thought-it-possible-in-the-first-place-but-here-you-are-doing-that-big-assh-requirement-and-almost-finishing-it-too!-requirement.

Then you start thinking how you never do this back then.

And you're amazed at how time flies.

It seemed only yesterday, that I graduated from grade school and entered into highschool.

Swoosh. Then it, so fast!, I'm falling asleep in Maths class because I can afford it.

Swooshing Again! Now, I'm in college. And I'd rather fall into a ditch and die a naked death, than fall asleep in a class. Why? Think humiliation, extreme drop in grades, added by laughter and angry professors.

Another thing that I want to point out. Back in highschool, I used to call them teachers, now I have to refer to them as professors.

Why is that?

Speaking of teachers, while I was sitting on that tricycle, I realized that I could only remember the names of three of my teachers!

I felt so bad. I mean, I spent five years under the supervision of this teachers and I can't even remember most of their names. It's such a shameful thing.

Would I forget the names of my professor's names after I graduated from college?

I wouldn't put it past me and my horrible short term memory.

I mean, I forgot the name of my class teacher, a balding guy who used to stick his tongue out to us and comb his hair to one side of his head, which made it all the more obvious that he was bald, and he used to make jokes, either so lame or so corny, so bad that the only reason we laughed was because it was so corny and lame and bad.

How could I forget that guy's name?

But I have to admit though my brain refuses to recall his name, this teacher is forever imprinted on the anals of my brain (unforgettable is the nicest way I can put it) and my nose (he didn't smell good is also the nicest way I can put it).

I wonder how long it will be till I forget my professors names?

Oh, it's such a curse to be cursed with a dead brain.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Adrian said...


I just call everyone "buddy".

That way I NEVER forget a name- if ONLY because I never knew it to begin with.

9:57 PM 
Blogger jana said...


well i did remember his name when we were still talking and he was still present in my everyday life...

but the thing is i don't remember it now.

by the way i linked you.

1:22 PM 

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