Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back "home"...

I'm back.

After more or less two weeks in Brunei, I'm back to the Philip of Pines.

Back to the bustling streets and busy people.

Back to the house where no one really cares and you just see each other once in a while when you're eating even though you're under the same roof.

Back to the school that trains and develops and teaches you to be independent, when all I really want and need right now is someone to depend on.

Back to the paranoid, staring here and there, keeping your bag close and clutching on to it for dear life because you never know when a freaking mugger is gonna strike and slit your throat and leave you on the ground convulsing to your death while people just step over your body, too busy to give you a second look.

Back to the smoke and dirt and the grime. The choked lungs and bitter taste of smoke in your mouth and never ever forgetting the blinding attack of dust bunnies every now and then.

Back to noise and the obsessive compulsive drivers grabbing every chance at blowing their horns at every single situation known to mankind.

I'm back in the Philippines.

Oh my bladdy gosh for the love of pink rabbit snippets somebody please kidnap me against my will and take me back to Brunei!

I'll even pay you to do so.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Adrian said...


I see we are settling in nicely Jana... : )

9:23 AM 
Blogger Queen Sana said...

I know, right!??!?!

Sometimes I look around me and feel this rising sense of panic. It's like, OH MY GOD WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE ASIAN PEOPLE I'VE BEEN ABDUCTED I'VE BEEN ABDUCTED HELP!

But at least you got to go home.

My rents are trying to force Taree into home status.

This place is lovely, but for the record? It is not, nor will it EVER be, home.

How's THAT for neurotic whineface? ;)

6:52 PM 
Blogger jana said...

haha, i know what you mean. when i went back to brunei, i was so so happy... and then when i was returning to philippines, you should have seen my face. i think i was the only one depressed in that whole entire plane. everyone was excited to get home.

12:59 PM 

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