Friday, January 12, 2007

Exam sham...

Midterms for second term are here.

Midterms mean exams.

Exams result into staying up late at night, studying, memorizing, pulling your hair out due to failure to memorize one word that is needed that destroys your whole momentum and you have to start all over again, eyes like raccoons, brain like mulch, back ache, tooth ache stomach ache and other-kinds-of-ache-you-can-use-as-an-excuse-to-blame-it-all-on-exams.

Ah, who can forget those times?

The happy times when after barely studying a page from your notes you get a paper that focuses on that one page you just read?

Contrasting of course those times that you decided to study for hours and hours and when the paper is put in front you realize that one part you decided was not important enough to really focus on is the one with the biggest points and you have the chance of flunking that whole darn paper if you don't answer that one freaking question?

Ah, exams.

I think I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Even though it's annoying and even though it drives me crazy with all the things that I need study for that one hour of scribbling words on paper, and even though your whole educational life depends on things such as this and if you fail it, you fail the whole darn course of course...


Ok, I have a hate/hate relationship with it.

It's because of these exams that I have to actually start focusing on the little words written the bunch of paper I have managed to compile for the last few months, when all my brain and body wants to do is to fall asleep and burn the pile of stuff that is my notes to keep me warm.

But I guess exams do prove to be useful every now and then.

When you have things that you'd rather not think about, when you have problems you'd rather like to ignore, when you have people you don't ever want to see but have to face every single day, when you have people whom you miss each every second but are too far away that you don't ever have the chance accidentally meeting up at the mall/public place anymore...

Well exams come in handy during those times.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a lovely day :)

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Blogger jana said...

to adrian, thanks.

to anon, thanks too!

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