Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh my gosh it's blood!...

Has it ever happened to you when after saying you're life seems to have slowed down to a complete halt and then suddenly something extremely weird happens?

Last night after going online, I decided to stay up and watch late night tv-movie-thing. You know the ones, comedy/horror but more funny than scary. I deeply regret watching that since I have this weird thing about even the mildest of horror movies.

After watching and getting just a tad bit creeped out, I turned off the tv and decided to get some sleep... when I heard something.

Like really loud laughter.

Male and Female loud laughter.

Male and Female drunken loud laghter.

By the second guffaw, my whole body was covered by a blanket. Then sounds of hitting-slamming-against-the-gate started and oh bladdy man I was freaking like you wouldn't freaking believe if I actually had enough liquids in my bladder all said liquid would have evacuated my bladder and taken up residence in my bed.

You know how in horror movies, when girls are about to be totally murdered-nalized, they decide to prove just exactly how dumb they are by looking for the murderer. I mean how dumb is that?

So I did the best thing I know how and just hid because images of me looking to see what's going on and then somebody seeing me peek and therefore turning me into their own target for knowing their evil secret and then then! I have to be put on witness protection program and they'd have to move to some different country somewhere. They'd give me a different name like Koko move to some Carribean island to become a fruit seller. And if I ever get married, my husband would find out that I had lied about my name and sue me for false information. Then I'd be poor! And heartbroken!

All because I decided to peek. And therefore I didn't.

So I fell asleep after a lot of convincing and a lot of loud music blocking any noise, and the next day, I just blamed it on my overactive imagination.

As I was leaving for church today, I saw exactly in the same place where the maniacal drunken laughing occured was a pool of blood.

A freaking pool of freaking blood.

On my front porch.


Anyway, my aunt thought it was just animal blood and was probably no big deal and cleaned it all up like it was nothing.

I didn't tell them about what happened last night.

I'm probably gonna have to live with the guilt of not telling anyone about it and probably avenging someone's untimely death and serve justice to Male-And-Female-with-loud-drunken-laugh.

But hey, at least I'm gonna live.

And if they find out that I know what happened, they're gonna have to kill me and kill all who knows.

Including you.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger Queen Sana said...

Oh my god.

That is SO fecking scary.


I'd...I'd JUST been able to sleep in the dark!

7:18 PM 
Blogger jana said...

hey i figured if i'm gonna be murdered-nalized anytime soon, at least my readers would know what happened.

9:40 AM 

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