Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The problem...

After more than two weeks of the party, I still have not uploaded all the pictures at all yet.

And it's driving me nuts.

I am like this close to not posting them.

But heck, I shall persevere and post them even if my bum get's so calloused from sitting down too much.

But till then, all you're getting from me are a bunch of non-exciting letters put together in such a way that it disguises the true fact that my IQ has reached another all time low.

And a link!

So you can still see the pictures anyway.


My requirements have piled up and instead of finishing it, here I am updating my need-to-be-updated-blog.

I've got midterm exam next week and instead of studying for it, here I am updating my-need-to-be-updated-blog.

I have an addiction problem.

I swear.

Lotsa love, Jana

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