Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random life...

So my life has pretty much slowed down to halt for the past few days.

I can't even make any exaggerations for my blog anymore. It's just so bland that any exaggerations of my life would appear so normal for people.

Every time I go online, I keep repeating the same routine over and over again. Like checking my e-mail, then going online on AIM Express, lack of my-own-computer prevent me from having the normal kind, reading up on gossip about celebrities whom I really don't give a crap about, chatting with the Guy for hours and hours on end.

Actually, pretty much the only highlight of my day is when I'm talking to the Guy. It actually feels really great just talking to him and listening to his voice. In April, it's gonna be a one year relationship. Actually March we pretty much started, but it was in April that we became officially official.

With the Used-to-be, I think we broke the one year barrier, but not really because we were already fighting a lot then. It was like on and off and on and off again, like a twisted cycle of bunnies making baby bunnies and eating them and making them again and eating them again. Totally twisted if you ask me.

But you know... ever since the Used-to-be, caused by some twisted twist of fate and cosmo-ish imbalance, I've been getting some really weird attention from the male version of my species. I mean I know I ain't that pretty. I can blame mutation, radiation, uranium, freak accident, aquarium and accidentally falling into a vat of green glowing stuff, but it's not gonna change the fact that I'm still not-so-pretty compared to my peers swarming all around me.

Add my twisted sense of humor, my ever-lowering IQ, my fear of being-robbed-because-of-bulge-in-my-pants-which-shows-the-exact-location-of-my-wallet-and-phone and therefore resulting in dressing/acting/looking-like-a-guy-who-can-punch-your-face-off-even-though-I'd-probably-just-run for-dear-life-the minute-anyone-tries-to-make-a-grab-at-me-because-honestly-even-though-I-carry-rusty-scissors-that-is-not-gonna-help-when-I'm-faced-against-a-freaking-gun!-except-they-considering-that-they-can-actually-shoot-me-when-I-start-to-run-so-either-way-I'm-still-dead, add all of that you get a not-so-pretty-girl who can't even act like a normal girl.

So why are a few guys suddenly getting this weird attraction thing going on with me? The Guy? The other upperclassman in my college? Another guy? I mean, did someone pour a vat of no-scent-love-potion on me or something?

I mean it's kinda cool you know, being liked in that way, instead of always being the-girl-who-is-my-friend deal. But, man where were you guys when I was in highschool?

Sure could have used you then.


But honestly speaking, though it's pretty cool, I kinda want it to stop. I'm not used to it and plus the only affection I want is from the Guy cause... well it's uncomfortable being liked by someone you don't feel anything for.

Oh my gosh!

I can't believe it, I, Jana, the dumpee-candidate of highschool, actually has the chance of dumping someone. I know this is twisted but man, how cool is that?!

Ok, not cool for the guy who is the dumpee and I'm always nice when I do it, considering I've only done it like three times my entire life.

Three times in less than one year?

How totally twisted is that?

Lotsa love, Jana

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