Monday, January 29, 2007

Telegram from heaven...

Talk about getting a fax straight from the divine heavenly bodies.

So you're tired of your boring and bland life huh? You want a change huh? Well first we send you bloody fear and now [insert evil laughter here] we shall send you more blood in the form of concern and still all around fear.

Yesterday after arriving at the dorm, I dumped my bags onto my bed with full intention of fixing my things right after I ate dinner.

So there I was at the canteen, sitting down, ready to eat. Just as I was about to grab a bite of delicious beef sprinkled with yummy onion with a delicious sauce and a spoonful of rice, the lights turned off.

First thought.

Oh my gosh, they found me! Now they're gonna murdered-nalized me. And all that will be left of me is a pool of blood on someone else's porch!

But after a while when no murdered-nalizing occurred, I decided it really was just a power failure after all. So because of that, I ate candle-light dinner with a couple of guys.

Second thought.

Darn it. How I wish it was the Guy who I was having this dinner with and then if someone is gonna try and murdered-nalize me then at least I'll have him to protect me and stuff.

So I finished dinner and with the faint light of my cellphone, I went upstairs back into my room and waited for the power to come back on.

I fell asleep and soon enough the power went back on but it was too late to fix anything and therefore I decided to wake up early and fix my stuff the next day.

I woke up at 5 am the next day... erm today, with full intention of fixing my things.

However my body disagreed. My eyes fought any attempt to go beyond 1 millimetre and don't even get me start on the coup de tat that my arms and legs attempted on me. Before I knew I just had to retreat and back to sleep I went.

At 6.30, with enough strength that I had gained from the tactical retreat, I overpowered my own body and stood up. At 7:00 my things were fixed. My uniform was properly hanger-ed up in my cabinet. My bed-sheet was changed. My humongous blue bear already in his proper position on my bed. I was all set to eat breakfast and get to the computer center when...


And I swear it even sounded like that.

It sounded like something fell right outside my room. I thought it was just some no big deal heavy thing falling you know. Like something heavy and stuff.


Yes in that weird high soft voice of someone really hurt asking for help kind of way.

I ran out and there was one of the monitors of the dorm on the floor.

With blood on her forehead.

First thought.

Oh my fecking gosh. They found me and they thought I was her! And they tried to murdered-nalized her!!!

Second thought.

Jana, shut up and help her.

Third thought.

But what if they come back and see me and then try to murdered-nalized me!!!!

Fourth thought.

Shut up! She's bleeding.

So I called for the nurse and waited next to her the whole time until the dorm nurse came and helped her. I waited there until a stretcher came to help her into the car downstairs.

Speaking of blood.

My monthly visitor just came. Like right this minute.

Bladdy heck!

If I ever say that my life has slowed down into a complete halt ever again, just cut my mouth off already.

Darn Eve and your over curious nature!

Lotsa love, Jana



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