Saturday, January 06, 2007

This post shouldn't even be existing...


Due to an unfortunate event (computer fecking lags and in a great show of protest dies sputteringly on me when I upload pictures) I won't be able to give you pictures of my party yet.

Bladdy earthquake in Taiwan. This is all your bladdy fault!

Ever since you happened, it takes me ages and ages just to get on and I'm lucky when I actually can even get into my account.

And and and!!

When I do find a decent Internet connection, the computer is a fecking retard!


When I meet the non-existent personified versions of Bladdy-earthquake-in-Taiwan and Computer-is-fecking-retard, I'm gonna rip out their non-existent genitals and feed them to my non-existent rabid monkeys.

Instead of posting a bum-load of pictures, here I am wishing to rip the genitals of some non-existent male (because women would never do this to their fellow women-kind except maybe those who has something against a certain women of the kind, like she stole the boyfriend or something, or maybe the type who is just a total "beach" and hates all living creatures but all she needs is some kind of loving to warm her ice-cold-heart) who decided to get in the way of my creativity.

One day I'm gonna have my own computer and that computer is gonna kick-assh. It's gonna have a really good internet connection and it's never ever gonna die.

And then I'm gonna kick the non-existent personified version of Bladdy-earthquake-in-Taiwan and Computer-is-a-fecking-retard in their non-existent groins and watch them squirm and suffer.

Then I'm gonna say sorry and I'm gonna send them over to The Used-to-be and Dearest Abigail, so that they can terrorize those two too.

Because if they can't terrorize someone they'd lose all purpose in life and I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone you know.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Adrian said...


Im lovin' it!!

2:33 AM 
Blogger jana said...

*grins* haha.

1:01 PM 
Blogger The Bizarre Jokester said...

Have fun with the new comp i.e. when u buy it! :)

i recently started a new blog - Amazingly Bizarre

you've exchanged links with me on The JOKES Blog

Would you like to exchange links with this blog too? Please do!

If you agree, do leave me a comment after linking to me...and i'll link back to you immediately!


7:31 AM 
Blogger The Bizarre Jokester said...


jana, you've been linked.

and don't worry, text links are perfectly fine!

by the way (1): do u want to exchange links with the j-meets-j blog too?

by the way (2): you've put on wonderful presentation effects!

11:05 AM 
Blogger Queen Sana said...


I laughed so hard my entire family thinks I'm insane and if I THINK of this during prayer time later and laugh like a retard, my parents will cut off my funds and I won't get into a good college and then I won't become a doctor and no one will marry a jobless hobo and I'll end up and old maid with TWENTY FOUR CATS.

And it'll be all your fault.

8:03 PM 
Blogger jana said...

to sana, haha. i think i'll take that as a compliment

2:38 PM 

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