Monday, February 26, 2007

The pants...

I never thought I could go lower the evolutionary brain chain but obviously I once again proved to the rest of the world that I am capable of lowering myself to point no human being would ever dare to reach.

This has got to be the most embarassing thing that I have ever done in me entire living, breathing, singing-like-a-frog-in-public, calling, texting, eating, sleeping, playing-badminton-ing, showering, releasing-of-wastes-ing, etc-ing life.

I was at the mall last Saturday with one of my close guy friends. He was visiting a friend and after he visited his friend in Pampanga, he decided to drop by and visit me too.

So there we were at the mall, just talking and having a jolly good time eating pizza and drinking pearl shakers. We were probably just sitting there for hours and hours.

Then, it was time to go home.

And I realized... that I felt wet.

The day before my monthly visitor of five bloody days came fore a visit and believe me, the leakage is incredibly strong on the second day.

But because I was having so much fun laughing at his dumb jokes and counseling him about his cactus that I hadn't realized that there was some major leakage going on way below.

Anyway, it was time to go, and I stood up wondering why I felt a little less than dry, when my friend called my attention with a loud,


I turned and he was trying his very hardest to cover my back by giving me his backpack to carry. And I was like, dude I ain't carrying your back pack for you, and he was all, girl, you got some red large spots on your pants, and I was like, oh feck! What the heck am I going to do now?! I have no extra pants with me!And he was all, I have one, but it's formal pants. And I was like, formal pants?! Dude, I'm wearing slippers and very manly slippers at that, formal pants would look so very dumb on me. And then he was all, well that's the only extra pants I got with me! And I was like, why don't you wear the nice formal pants, cause you're wearing shoes anyway and you can work it with the formal pants, and you lend me the pants your wearing right now? He was all, my pants? You want to wear this pants? And I was like, yes please let me wear that! And please decide soon cause the "some" red large spots on my pants are becoming "a lot of" red large spots on my pants.

After great consideration, we ran to the nearest restrooms and he changed pants and then I changed pants and then he offered to carry my stained pants in his bag, cause he had a plastic to to cover it in and he said he didn't want me to get tired in carrying anything.

And then, it got so much worse!

He forgot to give me back my stained pants!

I called him and he said that it's alright, he's gonna wash my blood stained pants for me! I was beyond shocked. My face must have been redder than those red large spots.

And that's the first time in my entrie blah-blah-blah-ing life,

A guy managed to get me into his pants.

Oh how I hate myself.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Queen Sana said...

I'm having a bad week too.

You're not alone, and I love you!!!

I realize that our kids start OWING us an average minimum of 12 years before they come INTO the world!!!!!

We women, we suffer so much to suffer yet more. I love being female, seriously. I love the fact that we're just naturally expected to be so strong: god wouldn't have made us the childbearers and the monthly bleeders if we weren't physically, emotionally and psychologically capable of it.

5:37 PM 
Blogger People in the Sun said...

Personally, I don't worry about stuff like that. Of course, this has never happened to me because I'm careful and I plan things in advance. If I leave the house, I think What could possibly happen to me outdoors and how can I prepare myself for any ordeal? This is the main reason something like that has never happened to me and never will. It happened to my wife, though.

7:18 AM 

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