Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pipe's running dry...


Oh how I hate the fact that we need that to survive.

Why oh why do we need those little bits of metals and pieces of paper anyway?

During this past few weeks, ever since my wallet was stolen by some who probably lost all his/her fingers because of it, my money situation doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I'm neck-deep in all this money problems and thoughts of how-the-fecking-heck-am-I-gonna-survive-the-next-few-weeks-without-the-fecking-money-that-I-fecking-need-and-curse-all-money-anyway-I-hate-it-and-I-hate-how-I-need-it-if-you-guys-hate-money-too-just-give-it-to-me-I'll-make-sure-to-take-it-all-far-far-away-from-you.

Gosh, you won't believe it.

Money is like water in an open faucet over here. You just have to keep on giving and giving. Bladdy heck, I don't think I can remember a day wherein I didn't use money in anyway over here in the Philip of Pines.

It's crazy.

I honestly never had to handle money when I was in highschool. If I used too much back in Brunei, there was never any risk that I was

a) Gonna starve because money = food and food = strength and strength = me not dying.
b) Not gonna be able to make it to school because money = transport money and transport money = me getting to school and me getting to school = me actually finishing college and graduating in time.

Back in Brunei, my parents did all the money handling. I didn't have to worry about using too much because if I did, my mom would just scold me and cut off my allowance. Which does not mean starvation-resulting-in-imminent-death or unable-to-be-in-school-resulting-in-ultimate-failure-and-embarassment-among-my-peers.

But, unfortunately, I'm not back in Brunei.

I'm here.

Please take me away from here.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous gledwood said...

What gets me about money is that something worth so much can be entrusted to a piece of paper weighing so little ... and have you ever heard the rumour that the total wealth held by the world's banks is only 10% of what is represented by our "currency"?? I've been told that a couple of times and it made me think.

I only found your site by chance. I keep a blog too, at You're welcome to drop by if you like. It's quite different from yours. OK take care now, and all the Best from Gledwood

5:42 AM 
Blogger jana said...

haha, yeah totally.

i know what you mean.

lotsa love, jana

2:23 PM 
Blogger LJP said...

I agree. I also don't understand how and why it is unevenly distributed throughout the world.
Got here through the Blog Carnival.

11:18 AM 

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