Thursday, June 28, 2007

English 101...

EN101 sucks.

As I typed that first introductory-to-another-pointless-and-babbling-entry-sentence, I still can't help but find it oh-so-very ridiculous. How can I hate the subject that for years and years I have loved and use as fighting tool with a vengeance every time someone would insult me? How can I despise the very subject that has given my brain the reason to actually get out of its bed every now and then and stretch its non-existent legs? How can I loathe the very thing that has helped me to realize that the very core of my being consists of words, twistedly put together but hey can still be grammatically correct anyway?


If my past self met my now self, my past self would make sure that my now self would be a pile writhing crying blob of a human being for even thinking about hating the very subject that has given life to past self. In fact if the past self can not be pulled back from strangling the now self, now self would be lying in a gutter somewhere. Alone and naked and completely in shame. Of course the status dead can be an option.

But that is how I feel. Every time I wake up and I have EN101 as a subject, I wish the sun never came up. I wish the earth would stop and hence time would stop. I wish my bed would suddenly produce a very sticky substance so that for once I actually have a valid reason not to get up. I wish that an alien from outer space would take me away to their planet and therefore force me to live in that said planet and marry and have human-alien babies but the alien I would end up marrying would of course look like a human and hence be definitely the prince and of course totally hot.

My point is, did everything in the grammar-side-of-the-world alter during the summer vacation? I mean come on, animals cannot have a possessive form now? It's like my whole grammatical-inner-being has been throw off its course and I feel like I'm orbiting out of space and time and therefore ending up being .

Gosh, I hate the rigidity of EN101.

Other than that, school has been fun.

Lotsa love, Jana

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