Friday, June 08, 2007

I waited...

I type these words with throbbing legs and I feel an equally throbbing headache creeping up so slowly and so very surely and will soon overtake me, but before that happens let me blog first and therefore resulting in the endowment of a much worse headache because you gotta know, I love you guys so what I feel, you feel.

Except, if you don't exist at all in the first place.


Yesteday was so tiring that I can still feel the after-effects of everything that had happened. Hence the throbbing legs and upcoming headache.

I went to the college to enroll for my second year in the Philippines and oh-my-freaking-gosh the wait was so freaking long! I mean being a Bible college, it's not supposed to be this long because we're not really a lot of people over there you know. But my freaking-ness it was so long and I was standing there, waiting for my card that I was going to fill up and then return and then go and have an adviser sign it and then have to go over there and come back over here again, then have the adviser sign another thing again and then wait wait wait wait some more.

And then lunch break came and we had to wait for another hour, so we ate lunch. I ate cause I was hungry and tired because of the going here and there and everywhere and the signing and the walking and standing and practically just really tired okie? So I ate a lot, plus since my mom was with me, I could eat without worrying about money-eating-too-much-resulting-in-no-more-money.

After lunch, I went back to the registration window and waited and ran and walked and waited and stood and waited and waited and waited and freaking waited until I had all my class card filled up and had everything paid for and I was free to go home.

What did I hate the most?

The waiting.

But in all honesty? During the wait, I managed to bond and see and hang out with people I haven't seen in weeks and weeks and so many days. While I was standing, I was talking to Kuya Anj. While I was sitting, I was goofing off with James as he tried to grab my chair that I grabbed from him which he grabbed from me in the first place. While I was filling up forms, Joel and I were talking about our classes and how he has less classes than me, that dork. While I was waiting by the window I talked to my old roommates and was so glad to see them coming back to continue.

So even though it was tiring and even though I had waited for ages and stood on now throbbing feet for a so very very very long time, I had fun.

Except you know I'm not having fun anymore since my legs are throbbing and my head is going to throb in a few more minutes.

I hate consequences.

Lotsa love, Jana

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