Monday, June 18, 2007

Promise broken...

12:18 am

When I hung up the phone two hours and fourty-eight minutes earlier, you told me to go to sleep because we're to have an early day tomorrow travelling from home to school and I promised that I would sleep right after our conversation ended and you made me really promise cross my heart but you didn't make me say hope to die because you know how I have a tendency to break promises and you didn't want me to die yet cause you loved me but you still made me promise anyway.

Obviously that promise was broken.

No, I didn't stay up to call anyone else and no, I didn't stay up to send messages through my phone to anyone else and no, I didn't watch TV or any DVD movies and no, I didn't stay up to read books and no, I didn't stay up to finish up some requirements which I already have done by the way before you even called me.

12:48 am

I actually stayed up thinking of you.

Yes it took me thirty minutes to think of what to type next because I was to busy thinking of you and because you pretty much are in my thoughts all the time and when I think of you I get lost inside the inner zig zags of my brain and it's so hard to find my way out because I find it hard to even want to find my way out because I love thinking about you and everything that you are to me and therefore I end up breaking my promise of sleeping early because you made me think of you and it's all your fault.

I blame you for keeping me up.

12:52 am

Lotsa love, Jana

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