Sunday, July 15, 2007


One day we went swimming and that day I realized something. You hardly ever really laugh. You make people laugh but you don't laugh so much yourself.

I like you better when your laughing.

Whenever I see you walking around, you always seem like you're carrying the weight of the whole world on your eyebrows. You really shouldn't frown too much cause you get wrinkles on your forehead which make you look really old. I rarely ever see you smile, which you really should do cause it lights up your whole face and whenever I see you smile, my stomach feels weird and my heart flips over and out and maybe it could be because I ate something weird every time you happen to be smiling which is so rare out of the blue moon made out of grey cheese.

Last night I realized that you couldn't help laughing when someone touched your ears.

Therefore I pounced and totally played with your ears till you resulted into a pile of laughing slump of a very tickled human being. And you were so helpless against my incredible man-like-power-pounce-and-force-to-keep-on-tickling-your-ear. You had no choice but succumb to my power and laugh and laugh and... laugh.

You looked so good laughing and my stomach/heart flipped and flopped all over the place and now I know what I would do if there ever would come a time you were quiet because of something I did and you disapproved of said thing that I did and I already said I was sorry but you still wouldn't talk to me because you were still thinking about what I did, I would tickle your helpless ears till you laughed and everything would be back to normal because you would laugh yourself tired and then you would turn and tell me that you loved me and everything would be alright.

I officially have changed my favorite part of you from your hands to your ears. Though I still like your hands because they're so adorable considering the fact that mine are bigger than yours yet you're so much taller and manlier than me.

Request: Smile more often but laugh only for me? I kinda want to keep that stomach/heart flip-flopping all to myself.

Lotsa love, Jana

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