Thursday, July 19, 2007

I love walking...

I must have looked like a complete moron.

We were walking and you were walking next to me and I looked at you and you weren't looking and I wondered, were you looking at me too when I wasn't looking at you?

So I tried catching you looking at me but somehow you always seemed to evade my attempts and then I feel more than a moron so I just stared at your feet while we were walking. Then I realized that I could play a game and you didn't have to know I was playing a game with you.

I started copying how you walked and we stood still, I copied how your feet stood still and I guess you noticed me giggling and realized what I was doing and then you started walking weird and making me work hard to copy how you walked. But I did not give up!

But then we were almost near our destination which meant we had to separate and I didn't like it and you noticed me get quiet and I stopped copying how you walked.

Then you started walking even funnier and I realized that you were funny and you made me smile and for a moment I forgot that I was going to be separated again from you and started copying you feet and laughing all over again.

Admit it.

You love me.

Lotsa love, Jana

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