Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clinging on...


Dear Kuya,

Thank you.

When I heard you were going to leave the campus to hang out with your roommates at the mall, I felt, an obvious exaggeration, like the weight of the whole wide global warming-ing world named earth came crushing on my already aching and very much in need of a massage shoulders.


Well mainly because I'd see less of you and that is always never good for me. And of course calling you would be out of the question, not because you're untouchable when with friends (experience tells me you'd ignore them for hours just for me) but because I do not want to give the impression that I am a needy clingy girl.

Though that fact is obvious, I don't want to emphasize it all the more.

So while you were away, I decided to drown myself not with alcohol but corn. I ate all kinds of corn that day ranging from corn cake to corn on the cob and even corn soup. Though chocolate would have helped more than corn, corn was the only thing available to gobble down like a rabid rabbit with an ever-empty stomach gobbling on carrots and carrots and more carrots. Except, it was corn for me.

Then you came and told me to meet you by the lobby that separated the guys' area and the girls' area of the dorm because you had something to give me. I practically ran, dragging my very heavy stomach, and effectively destroying whatever miniature image I had left that showed that I was not a needy clingy girl.

You handed me something wrapped in paper and when I opened it, I saw a pretty blue bracelet. Now I'm not much of a bracelet person. Heck I'm not much of a wearing-anything-on-my-wrist kind of person. And plus I had nothing in my closet at the dorm that would probably match it. And I was always a thin and subtle in an almost-not-there-way when it came to the point that I actually had to wear one.

But for you, I'd wear it even if it goes against every single clothing that was currently on me.

See I'm that clingy.

Lotsa love, Jana

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