Friday, August 24, 2007


Recently there was volleyball match between the guys in my batch against Kuya's batch. Though this is really not the main point of the discussion, I just felt there was a need to mention that our batch won even though only four guys were playing against a team of six. The feeling was a mixture of great cheer and just a little bit of disappointment.

I had wanted Kuya to win.

But it was my batch and therefore I'm more happy we won.

I'm competitive alright!

After the game,

And a bit vain moments here and there...

The guys and myself got hungry and therefore decided to eat dinner. At first it was just two or three of us, but soon, most of the guys that I hung out with at the college started sitting in the same table.

When I started to mention how I'm the only girl there, they were quick to point out that I'm not a girl. I just look like one because I took steroids which resulted in a complete sex change.

"How else can we explain your manliness?"

I don't know whether I was going to be insulted for obvious denial of my woman-hood or flattered because I was being accepted into the group.

Being, of course, a girl (or steroid-lady as they like to now refer to me) I was not expecting a lot of things that had occurred that night. I have now proven that the modern deduction that girls are more the talkative, gossipy type compared to guys are a myth.

The discussion rounded so many many topics like past experiences to past classmates to the game and and then past lives and then back to the game again. You would have thought these were a bunch of chattering girls!

I have the potential to be manlier than them.

And you know what else?

They love taking pictures too.

Lotsa love, Jana

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