Sunday, September 16, 2007


Do you remember when you started teasing me at the computer center? Do you remember when you started acting like you were hurt whenever I would greet someone first and you second? Do you remember when when you kept me company in the afternoons when I would sit by the steps of the chapel just to hang out? Do you remember when you first passed me a note that said you were sorry for offending me when I didn't even think that you did? Do you remember when you gave me a Valentine's card and you thought that I didn't know it was you and you didn't know that that was the first time I've ever received a Valentine's card? Do you remember when it was your birthday and I was there and you gave a slice of your cake that your friend bought for you? Do you remember when I gave you a book and bookmark to go with it as your birthday present? Do you remember the first time you looked out of your room and saw me sitting at the kiosk and called out to me?

Yeah, you see, I already was head over heels in love with you then.

I just didn't realize it then yet.

Lotsa love, Jana

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