Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cutie scar...

It is a few minutes past midnight.

Song after song plays into my ear. Letter after letter is typed into the screen. Thought after thought is expressed in hybrid form of sighs and yawns. I'm sleepy and yet I'm still awake. It's been an hour since I last heard from you, you must have fallen asleep, and whole lot longer since I last saw you.

My day has been one big bed to make up for all those hours I spent awake thinking of your ears. And your hands. And your nose. And that little hardly noticeable scar on your right eye? I could spend more than five hours on that.

Just adorable

The holidays couldn't possibly end too soon. I check the calendar every now and then to see how fast this holiday is going to end and I'm thinking, is there some sort of spell to make Tuesday come like right after this hour minute second? Anything? I'm somewhat surprised that Google-ing it produced random results like spelling classes on Tuesday (I can spel thnk uo veri much) and love spells best done on Tuesday (you already love me right? If not this might be useful).

I miss you and your scar.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Bianca said...

Ah, love... It's beautiful. Abso-tive-lutely beautiful. You two are so lovely together~ I wish and pray for your happines! *hearts*

10:31 PM 
Blogger jana said...

haha. also watch out for more extreme mushiness. haaaay. i think when you're in love you also tend to be very very lame.

2:20 AM 

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