Monday, October 01, 2007

First WiFi...

Finally I actually got to use my laptop for it's actual purpose.

A portable laptop should be used portably and therefore should be used where normal computers cannot be used. And therefore I'm using the laptop portably.

Though I wish I could use it portably in the comfort of my own dorm-room, where there is no WiFi, instead of the little hut near the Academic building.

See me now, it's dark and sorta creepy since I'm all alone and of course there seems to bugs everywhere and I cannot see them creeping and obviously biting me because it is so dark which leads me back to the whole being alone and now I'm getting scared.

The glare of the laptop is too bright that I cannot see anything else around me and there are noises everywhere and ohmyfreakinggosh somebody just ran behind me and I didn't see anything and I'm still hearing lots of noises.

You know what, for once I think I'm just going to forget all about the internet and focus on my mental well-being and get the freak out of here.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Jay Cam said...

You've been tagged "with your pants down". Feel free to play along if you like. :)

See more here!

3:44 AM 

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