Saturday, October 06, 2007

My "wedding"...

The Bride

Last night I was going through a bunch of pictures in my camera and I stumbled upon a bunch of pictures during Vision Week and I saw pictures of my "wedding". It was actually kind of funny because the day before my wedding a bunch of guys decided to play a prank and have Kuya marry someone else.

And though I played my part well as the jilted lover, screaming threatening and all that hooplah, I was a little, if not really hurt at what happened. It was weird seeing Kuya "marrying" someone else other than me. Though it was a joke, I had to fight somewhat to prevent my eyes from getting misty.

Darn you bladdy eyes for listening to my emotions!

But Kuya did something unexpected, he paid to have that wedding canceled and in front of all, he said that he only plans to marry one girl and one girl alone.

I proceeded to melt.

The Groom

The next day it was our turn at the wedding booth and we got wed in front of a lot of our batch mates. We had fun and in fact we made complete utter fools of ourselves; him shouting yes! when the "minister" asked if he would take me as his "wife" and me giggling uncontrollably every time I look at him looking at me.

For All Maah Liife!!

Dare to marry anyone else and I shoot you in the head.

I love you.

Lotsa love, Jana

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