Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last night you called.

I was so ecstatic and so very happy that you called, even though you call me all the time anyway. But it didn't matter. My brain didn't care for it kept on flashing in the inner darkness of my head in big bold letters,

He called! I'm called!

Our conversation, like running water, splashed here, there, everywhere! Topics ranged from tuition fees to ducks and cows to Internet to eating properly to enrollment to flying to falling to dreams to life of Jana, with every transition consisting of several "I love you"s and an almost equal amount of "I miss you"s.

While discussing the life of Jana, where I reached the part when I met you, I wondered out loud, why when how what is it exactly about me that you love?

My hair and how it looked so pretty only once in my entire life?

My unexplainable desire to take pictures of myself in the middle of the night and looking like a total turd in the process?

My addiction to first, all things Japanese, and now all things Korean?

Or maybe it's my ability to look like I know what I'm doing when I'm sooo clueless?

And then you replied simply. No pomp, no design, no oomph really... Just the most beautiful words ever.

I love you too.

Lotsa love, Jana

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