Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Remember that one time you were playing basketball for your batch against our batch and it was funny cause you didn't know how to play basketball but they still let you play anyway. My batch mates were poking fun at me, saying that I have become a traitor and had started rooting for the other team. But of course that isn't true, I was only rooting for you. It was fun to see you play even though, since you didn't know how to play, you didn't do much. Of course there was this one time where you grabbed the rebound ball and faked and then took a shot. I was ecstatic of course because you looked absolutely cool doing that, except you know you shot in the wrong basket and gave our team the score. That was funny and even though you swear it's because you loved me so much that it overflowed to my batch and hence the reason you shot in their basket and gave our team the score, it was still the coolest basketball move executed ever. Of course that's a very biased statement because I love you and you always look cool doing anything. Even when you make a mistake.

Fifty-two hours and twelve minutes without seeing you. Am missing you very very big. I implore time to go pass by faster, please.

Lotsa love, Jana

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