Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ten reasons why I know you love me....

One. You always make sure that we eat at the same time.
Two. You start a silent conversation with me from across the room whenever you catching me looking at you.
Three. You make funny faces, even in front of tons of people, just to make me laugh.
Four. You fondly refer to me as your wife-to-be.
Five. You let me use my pen to write on your exposed skin in order to pacify my need to draw tattoos.
Six. While I'm asleep, you stay up for hours sending me tons and tons of text messages so that when I wake up I have tons and tons to read from you.
Seven. Even though you complained that it made you feel weird, you still carried my very girl-y bag and my humongous teddy bear because I was too lazy to do so.
Eight. Even though I asked you why so many times already, you still tell me all the reasons why you think I'm great just cause I asked.
Nine. You send a text message that says "I miss you" after five minutes of separation.
Ten. You grab every single moment and chance that you can to squeeze an "I love you" while having a conversation with me.

I love you too.

Lotsa love, Jana

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