Friday, November 02, 2007


It's midnight.

My notes are strewn all over my bed. Pens of all sorts of color and function position themselves both on and under my bed. Discarded shirts, crumpled pants, towels and blankets decorate my bedroom floor. My mom would so disown me if she walked into my room right now.

In less than 8 hours, I will wake up and find myself all cramped up because I slept in a weird position with my neck and legs found in preposterous angles. All because I was (am) too lazy to get up and fix the stuff on my bed and create enough room for me to actually be comfortable.

I think laziness just flows through my veins and then when I have a kid of my own he/she will inherit whatever bad blood I have. Unless I get married to current significant other who is the most diligent guy ever born on the planet ever, and my bad blood will be made good with his good blood and future kid will only be slightly lazy.

And he/she will clean up for mom instead.

Kudos for lazy mom!

Lotsa love, Jana

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