Monday, November 19, 2007

Saries sound like dresses...

Dear Kuya,

It seems every time I open someone's blog there's an entry there that is dedicated for their own significant other and saying something along the lines of "Happy (insert number here)th Month/Anniversary Babeh, Honey-Pie, Sweeeeetheart, Pumpkin, Teddy bear, Stuffed Toy, Lovey, etc." and then something hits me very hard-like.

I don't remember when we became (somewhat) official.

And I realize that even though I would love to post entries every time we reached a certain month of our relationship (I'm pretty sure we're still counting using months, right?), I don't know what date to use and also, have no idea what number of months we are in now.

Hope this doesn't mean I'm a bad girlfriend. I mean I'm already a dumb, mushy, corny, needy, talkative, emotional, clingy, unpredictable, (lovable), whiny, (cute) girlfriend; adding another adjective to that would make this quite a long sentence.

I'll start trying to remember our "-saries" when we start counting in years and if I can't remember I'll just make one up and you can just nod and agree with me because you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings by rubbing in the painful truth that I don't know when you first told me you loved me.

Ah well. I love you, you love me. Life goes on.

Lotsa love, Jana

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