Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Dear You People,

You're all skating on very thin ice.

Assuming you know what it is like to skate and what very thin ice looks like and of course you know what I mean by skating on very thin ice.

I love doing extracurricular activities, I really do. My Mom would say that I would always volunteer for anything and everything I could get my volunteering hands on, even as a child. What I lacked in talent, I made up for with enthusiasm. I'm sure she didn't mean it that way, but effectively I think what came across to me was that I'm a shameless attention seeker without talent. So anyway, I enjoy taking part in this whole performance/acting deal you guys got going on.

I do, really.

However, there are times when a line is crossed and I get pissed and I wish I never ever joined in the first place. It's not that I'm not committed or I'm committed with the wrong motives. It's more of you guys have no respect for time, mine to be exact.

Now I don't like being late, because I feel it's totally disrespectful and stuff when I make someone wait when I said that I'd be there on time. It happens and I ask for forgiveness profusely every time it does. So considering this, I think it's totally disrespecting me and stuff when you're late after you kept on repeating that yes this is the time that we'll start and yes you better be there and yes we'll start then and are we sure? of course we are, just be there. Because it means you have no respect or consideration for me. Now I can excuse fifteen minutes, thirty maximum, but two hours plus, bordering on three? It's like you spat on my grave, peed on it and took a dump all in one go. In other words, I was insulted.

But the insult did not stop there. No no no, you weren't satisfied with spitting, peeing or taking a dump on my grave, in effect. You had the nerve to call a meeting, and during our lunch time no less still contributing to the fact that you couldn't care less about our time, only to say you were disappointed. Disappointed?! Disa-bladdy-ppointed?! You want me to show you disappointment?! You want?!

You're supposed to be of a higher class and therefore should know better than this. I'm more a student than I am a performer (HAHA) and I know where my priorities lie. And it doesn't lie in the place where my grave gets spat, peed and dumped on.

Practice at five? See you then.

Lotsa love, Jana

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