Monday, January 21, 2008

Fight numero uno...

The Turtle and I got into a really big fight this weekend and it was weird because it was our first really big fight. And I mean I know I should be like expecting this because you know, every couple fights at least once in a while but I was like totally shocked. Like it didn't seem possible because everything was perfect.

And it didn't even start as that big of a deal. I mean, it started as a wrong comment about dishes and I reacted all weird to it and then the topic about how I have so many guy friends was dragged into it and how he has this insecurity that there are certain things that my guy friends can do for me that he can't and that came up because I said I happen to like having those guys around because they're really open with me and I've never had guy friends like them and but that doesn't mean that he isn't more important than them and a lot of tears here and there and then there was that quiet sorry and that I really am sorry and the I'm sorry too and the whole thing was over in just one hour because he didn't want to spend another minute of me crying and I didn't want to fight with him anymore.

I guess the Turtle and I, being human beings (him, normal and I, abnormal), aren't that perfect and you know what, that's cool because no one is perfect because if everything is fine and dandy and there were no fights whatsoever ever between us then we're either lying to each other or you know... dead.

Turtle *heart* I and I *heart* Turtle.

Lotsa love, Jana

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