Friday, February 08, 2008

Guy, Girl, Bunch, One and Rich...

Once upon a time there was a girl (will be further known as Girl) who was very close to this guy (will be further known as Guy) and they were both somewhat quite close to a bunch of guys and girls (will be further known as the Bunch).

One day Girl heard from Guy, how he is starting to like one of the girls (will be further known as One) in the Bunch but Guy doesn't want the Bunch to know because he thinks that One won't be up to his standard. What Guy doesn't know, is that almost every single guy in the Bunch has somewhat fallen for One, which Girl promptly informed him.

Time passes and Guy finally admits to One that he likes her, against the advice of Girl. One then promptly made Guy feel that One doesn't like him, which Girl has been telling Guy all along anyway.

Now One had a rich guy whom she likes (will be further known as Rich) who back then seemed to not reciprocate the feeling, but then Rich suddenly popped up after months and months of silence, declaring love for One after she had already moved on. One now is shocked that she no longer feels anything for Rich and she decided that maybe the reason why is because One likes Guy.

Now Guy has moved on, until some of the guys from the Bunch told him that One likes him. Now Guy isn't so sure he's moved on and doesn't know what to do. One wants to say what she feels, but is scared of being rejected. The Bunch are excited at what's going on and the Girl is so tired of being the go between.

Moral of the story?

Don't fall for people whom you see every single day, because they're in your faces all the time and therefore leads to so much confusion man because everyone knows something and everyone is hiding something and everyone has a part of the story and everyone cares.

Lotsa love, Jana

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