Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sad scissors...


Sadness is like the bane of my existence. Sadness is like the bladdy thorn on my bladdy side. Sadness is the annoying bell that wakes me up every single morning after a sweet and peaceful night of sleep (joy), reminding that my life isn't all happy and roses and laughter.

Sadness is reminder that I am an emotional cripple in a sense that I feel things way too much when all I want to do is to hide behind the shelter of my fakeness and pretend that everything is fine.

Oh how I wish I could be a stoic and just take punches with a grim line on my face. No wince, no tear, just a grim line of grimness in the place of a normal set of lips.

In other non-philosophical-sadness news, there's a serial killer supposedly running around my hometown and didn't I tell you before to bring scissors rusty scissors around wherever you go just for this occasions so that you don't get mangled in the street and who's crazy now huh?!

Lotsa love, Jana

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