Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So very annoyed...

It's official.

This day has been the most annoying day of my life. Apart from the little annoying things and annoying objects that has happened, like dude how many times have I fallen today? How about, man did I make that mistake again? And who can ever forget, man did you just do that to me again, for the 97th time today?

Me and the Turtle got into a fight and he got really annoyed and I got annoyed and we got annoyed together and then he stopped and I stopped and he said let's not be annoying, and I said ok let's not be annoying and then he stopped being annoyed and I stopped being annoyed and we stopped being annoyed together.

So annoying how this day has been filled with little annoyances and the official phrase for today is Bah you're so annoying, can you be any more annoying stop being annoying!

But we're alright now, and in terms of annoyingness, this day has ceased to be and thank goodness for that because in terms of annoyingness, I don't think I could take one more second of it.

Lotsa love, Jana

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