Thursday, March 20, 2008



Two months. Heat. Summer. Boredom. Movie marathon. Sleep. Eat. Halo-halo. Sleep. Shower. Sweat. Books. Sleep. Study (?!). Write. And oh yes, sleep.

Just like any other vacation is spent, I'm already predicting that this vacation is going to be one big boring event and I'm going to hate it with a passion so deep that I will state deep again in bold letters so that people would get the emphasis of the deepness of it all. Deep.

I knew I should have chosen to do something instead of opting for the lying around and resting choice that I pick all the time when it comes to vacations. I mean years of experiencing this hatred should have taught me better, right? I guess it's because of all the busyness and all the I have to finish on this time? are freaking kidding me? deadlines and the didn't I just finish a pile of stuff to do when did that pile of stuff come from? that when I finally have a time for rest, all past experience of boredom and crazy hair-pulling nothing to do-ness is erased from the mind that is my own and I personally choose to rest.

Except now, rest is equal to torture and I feel like I'm getting dumber and dumber with all the nothing to do moments here. To make matters worst, the Turtle is traveling back to his province which means two weeks or more of not being able to see him and that is really so very... annoying. For emphasis: Annoying.

I can't wait till this vacation ends and I enter that time where I can't wait for vacation to come again... I am forever going to be waiting, huh?

Might as well jump of a bridge now.

Lotsa love, Jana

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